Learn about your immune system and how to strengthen it.

Since learning how Glutathione strengthens my immune system and helps me live a healthier life, full of energy, I’ve decided to share with others what I’ve uncovered though my research and observations.

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References & Credits

The information from this website comes from many sources on the internet: scholarly articles, Immunotec Inc, YouTube, other folks like me, and observations from my family members and myself.

Below are my the top three topics with the information I’ve collected through research, organized in an easy to follow format

How important is it?

What is it and where can I get it?

Is NOT a medicine, it’s a food.

What others say about Glutathione?

“Raising Glutathione to optimal levels greatly reduces your recovery time after surgery which is why I tell all my patients to start taking Immunocal (blue box) 3-4 weeks prior to surgery. On average my patients cut their recovery time to just a few days instead of weeks.”

Hernando De Vivero Gomez

"I love Immunocal platinum and I personally have seen a dramatic improvement in my lifestyle. I recommend it to everyone I know, plus I love talking to people about the company itself and all the benefits of their products."

Adriana Bustamante

About Me

Guillermo De Vivero

I’m in my early 40s, live in the Pacific Northwest, work in aerospace as an engineer, and like to keep busy doing projects with my kids and collogues. Since learning about Glutathione and giving my body sufficient quantities of glutathione precursors and co-factors via dietary supplements, exercise and nutritious food, I now enjoy a healthier life full of energy.