Glutathione Explained

Glutathione Benefits – The Master Antioxidant

  • You already have it in you! occurs naturally in every cell in the body
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • controls the immune system
  • is necessary for the success of all antioxidants
  • decreases rapidly as you age, resulting in a weakened immune system
  • oral or infusion has very limited to no effect on the entire immune system, read more below
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Key points

Glutathione is made inside the cells.  The problem is getting sufficient quantities of glutathione precursors and co-factors—the building blocks—of glutathione to the cells, so they can manufacture their own.

Making glutathione is a high priority for cells, because they really need it to remain healthy, so given the proper precursors, they readily make it.  The problem typically is getting the glutathione precursors where they need to be.

Bioactive whey protein powder extracted from milk is by far the best, most bioavailable source of the most important, rate-limiting  glutathione precursor, cystine

When deciding which whey protein product to buy, look for the phrases "Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate"

Unfortunately, you can’t just drink a glass of milk to get cystine…

…ensure you are buying a product that is bioactive, labeled as undenatured. In other words, provides a rich source of bioavailable cysteine.

Undenatured whey protein is made with intent, and is a more expensive process, so undenatured whey protein supplements will be significantly more expensive than their cheaper denatured ‘junk’ whey protein.