Frequently Asked Questions

Immunocal Mixing Instructions

This is what I do, but there are alternatives below:

With an empty stomach, about 45 min to 1 hour before breakfast or other meal. I take it straight mixed in 2 onz of cold water but sometimes I mix it in with yogurt or apple sauce. No hot drinks or food for ½ hour afterwards per directions. Also, the experts say to not eat a protein load for at least 30 minutes after taking it. A load is described as 10 g or more of protein. So you could have a salad or a dessert or crackers or such other cold foods.

Try this technique I read online, which helps me everytime.

  1. Fill the cup to the line shown (~1.0 oz.) with cold water, OJ, tea, soda … just don’t use any liquid beginning with ‘P’
  2. Open packet(s) and empty (both) into the cup.
  3. Put lid on tightly and shake for 15-25 seconds
  4. Remove lid and add some more liquid and stir. DON’T SHAKE.
  5. Final rinse with liquid to get it all

That should do it. If too many bubbles, you used too much liquid. If too many lumps, you used too little liquid.

Alternative Mixing Method

  • Empty one pouch of product into a small container
  • Add 2 tablespoons of juice or liquid
  • Make a gravy-like paste.
  • Add 6-8 oz of juice or liquid, stir and drink. (Nothing starting with a ‘P’)


  • Add the product to applesauce or yogurt.
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Dosage - How much do I take?

Generally, 9 grams of whey  protein is a typical serving size for the average healthy person to maintain their glutathione levels at optimum. However, if you are sick or have a chronic degenerative condition you are trying to improve, and are generally ambulatory, you should take twice that dosage. If you are so sick you are bed-ridden, you should take three times the normal dose, and depending upon the severity of your condition, you might consider taking even more. How you feel is a good indicator for how much your body might actually need.  So experiment.

 Keep in mind however, that it does take at least a week or more to start to notice a difference in how you feel.  Sometimes it takes more than a month before you notice any difference. Generally, the worse you are feeling, the sooner you will feel a difference.  If you are generally healthy, it will take longer to feel a difference, assuming your glutathione levels are lower than they should be.  Someone who already has optimal glutathione levels probably won’t notice a difference at all, because the body regulates the amount of glutathione it makes, so it doesn’t go over a certain level.

You cannot overdose on Immunocal. Dosage of Immunocal is uniquely tied to the person and their condition. It depends of a several factors such as age and ailments. 

Age:  AM> NoonPM
Under age 401 pack 1  
Age 40 to 801 pack1 pack1/1  
Age > 801 pack2 pack1/1 1
With ailments, increase any of the above ages with 1 Platinum 1 pack   
Over 250 lbs., increase any of the above ages with 1 regular1 pack    
General suggestions for one month (increase for age and weight):
Diabetes2 packs2 packs1/11/1 
MS – multiple sclerosis2 packs2 packs1/11/1 
RA – rheumatoid arthritis 4 packs22 
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (decreasing 1-2 packs per month)3-4 packs3-4 packs1/11/1, 1/11/1
Cancer – local3 packs3 packs1/11/11/1
Cancer – metastasized4-5 packs4-5 packs1/11/1, 1/11/1
Tumor – localized4 packs4 packs1/11/1, 1/11/1
You should always discuss taking Immumocal with your doctor. Ask your doctor if Immunocal will do any harm?  If he says no, try it.  If he says yes, seek a second opinion.